Week 8 2021: CFB Picks from the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast!

Here are the week 8 picks from the Stanford Steve and the Bear podcast (as heard in the Big Mike Happy Recap). Stanford Steve said he thinks he’ll give out Texas A&M and TCU so I marked those as “probably”, and we will see if he puts those in the column

DISCLAIMER: The following are the unofficial week 8 picks as presented in the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast, and if you need the specifics you’ll need to listen to the podcast.  These are not their official picks.  Their official picks are always found on ESPN Chalk.

Stanford Steve:
UCLA-2 vs Oregon
Ole Miss-9 vs LSU
Air Force buy it to 3 (-120)
Notre Dame-7 vs Southern Cal
Texas A&M-21 vs South Carolina (probably)
TCU-4.5 vs West Virginia (probably)
Army+3 vs Wake Forest (he added that one on at the end)

Chris Fallica:
Coastal Carolina/App State under 61.5
Miami FL+3 vs NC State
Army+3 vs Wake Forest
Iowa State-7 vs Oklahoma State
Air Force-3.5 vs San Diego State