Week 12 2022: College football gambling picks from the Stanford Steve and the Bear podcast!

Here are the week 12 picks from the Stanford Steve and the Bear podcast. As always, be sure to check out the full thing because they break down a ton of games and tell you what to bet, what to stay away from, and leans on other games.

DISCLAIMER: The following are the unofficial week 12 picks as presented in the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast, and if you need the specifics you’ll need to listen to the podcast.  These are not their picks for the official record.  Their official picks are always found on ESPN Chalk.

Stanford Steve:
California-4.5 vs Stanford and the under 46.5
Army-10 vs UConn
Fresno State-22.5 vs Nevada

The Bear:
UCLA+2.5 vs Southern Cal
Baylor+2.5 vs TCU
UAB+14.5 vs LSU
California-4.5 vs Stanford

Week 12 2022: College football gambling picks from the Cover 3 podcast!

Here are your week 12 locks from the Cover 3 podcast. Be sure to check out the full thing yourself because they give out some team totals and half bets that I am not set up to track. As always, money line sprinkles are at the bottom.

Editor’s note: Danny’s picks are a combination of his picks from CBS Sports HQ with Brady Quinn AND his Cover 3 podcast locks. Its late and I’m too lazy to separate them out this week. Some day I’ll script it better.

Chip Patterson:

Wyoming vs Boise State Under 44.5
Michigan State  -10 vs Indiana
Oklahoma State + 7.5 vs Oklahoma
TCU  -2.5 vs Baylor
Baylor vs TCU Over 58
Oregon vs Utah Over 62
Georgia  -22.5 vs Kentucky
UAB + 14.5 vs LSU
Louisville  -3.5 vs NC State

Tom Fornelli:

Buffalo vs Akron Under 46.5
Rice vs UTSA Under 58.5
Michigan State vs Indiana Over 47.5
Oklahoma State + 7.5 vs Oklahoma
Oregon vs Utah Under 62
West Virginia vs Kansas State Under 54.5
UCLA + 2.5 vs Southern Cal

Danny Kanell:

Notre Dame  -21 vs Boston College
Notre Dame vs Boston College Over 45
Maryland + 27.5 vs Ohio State
Maryland vs Ohio State Over 64.5
Georgia Tech + 21 vs North Carolina
North Carolina vs Georgia Tech Over 63.5
Michigan  -18 vs Illinois
Michigan vs Illinois Over 40.5
Rutgers + 19 vs Penn State
Rutgers vs Penn State Over 45
Oklahoma State + 7.5 vs Oklahoma
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Under 64.5
Baylor + 2.5 vs TCU
Baylor vs TCU Under 58
Oregon  -3 vs Utah
Oregon vs Utah Under 61.5
West Virginia + 7.5 vs Kansas State
West Virginia vs Kansas State Under 55
Arkansas + 2.5 vs Ole Miss
Arkansas vs Ole Miss Under 64
Kentucky + 22.5 vs Georgia
Kentucky vs Georgia Under 49.5
Vanderbilt + 14.5 vs Florida
Arizona State + 8 vs Oregon State
Arizona State vs Oregon State Under 54
South Carolina + 21.5 vs Tennessee
South Carolina vs Tennessee Under 66
Washington  -31 vs Colorado
Washington vs Colorado Under 61.5
UAB + 14.5 vs LSU
LSU vs UAB Under 52.5
Cincinnati  -17 vs Temple
Temple vs Cincinnati Over 51
UCF  -16.5 vs Navy
UCF vs Navy Over 53
Southern Cal  -2 vs UCLA
UCLA vs Southern Cal Under 75.5
Louisville  -4 vs NC State
Louisiana + 24 vs Florida State
Florida State vs Louisiana Under 52
Clemson  -18 vs Miami (FL)
Clemson vs Miami (FL) Over 48
SMU + 3 vs Tulane
Tulane vs SMU Under 65

Bud Elliott:

Michigan  -17.5 vs Illinois
Michigan State  -10 vs Indiana
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Over 66
Kansas State  -7.5 vs West Virginia
James Madison  -8.5 vs Georgia State
Clemson  -18 vs Miami (FL)
Tulane  -3 vs SMU

Money line sprinkles:
Chip: UCLA+110, Arizona+160
Tom: Iowa+120, Texas Tech+145, Oklahoma State+245, UAB+480
Danny: Iowa+120, UAB+480, Western Kentucky+198
Bud: Western Kentucky+198