Week 3 2021: CFB Picks from the Phil Steele Plus tour!

Here are the week 3 picks from the Phil Steele Plus tour on Youtube. Be sure to check out the video because he breaks down the games better than anyone, and he has a bonus NFL play for those of you who are into that type of thing.

Fresno State + 11.5 vs UCLA
Central Michigan + 19.5 vs LSU
South Florida  -21.5 vs Florida A&M
Baylor  -17.5 vs Kansas
Louisiana Tech + 12.5 vs SMU
Massachusetts + 22 vs Eastern Michigan
Army  -34.5 vs Connecticut

Week 3 2021: CFB Picks from Daily Wager!

Here are some assorted picks from that Daily Wager crew I have collected this week at different times. Lines may have moved so consult your local bookie for up to date odds.

Doug Kezirian:

Arizona State  -3.5 vs BYU
Stanford  -12 vs Vanderbilt
Alabama  -14.5 vs Florida
Notre Dame  -7 vs Purdue
Maryland  -7 vs Illinois

Joe Fortenbaugh:

Arizona State  -3.5 vs BYU
Penn State vs Auburn Under 53
Utah  -7.5 vs San Diego State
Florida vs Alabama Over 58.5
Washington State + 8.5 vs Southern Cal
Purdue + 7 vs Notre Dame
Maryland  -7 vs Illinois
Ohio + 19.5 vs Louisiana

Chris Fallica:

Hawaii + 6.5 vs San Jose State
UCLA  -11.5 vs Fresno State
Arizona State  -4 vs BYU
Boise State  -3.5 vs Oklahoma State
Penn State vs Auburn Under 53
Wake Forest  -5 vs Florida State
Purdue + 7 vs Notre Dame
West Virginia  -3 vs Virginia Tech

Stanford Steve Coughlin:

Boise State-3 vs Oklahoma State
Wake Forest-4.5 vs Florida State
Penn State-5 vs Auburn

Anita Marks:

Auburn + 5 vs Penn State

Greg McElroy:

Notre Dame  -7 vs Purdue
Kansas State + 2 vs Nevada
Cincinnati  -4 vs Indiana

Tyler Fulghum:

Penn State vs Auburn Under 53
Liberty  -27.5 vs Old Dominion
Florida + 15.5 vs Alabama

Week 3 2021: #VirtualLocks with Joey Galloway & Matt Barrie!

Here are the week 3 VIRTUAL LOCKS from Joey Galloway and Matt Barrie. As a reminder, Matt Barrie is taking two huge public plays from Caesar’s sportsbook to put up against Joey’s locks. Jesse Palmer seems to have retired from picking virtual locks. Enjoy.

Joey Galloway:
Alabama vs Florida over 60
Ohio State-24.5 vs Tulsa

Matt Barrie/America:
Oklahoma-22.5 vs Nebraska
Cincinnati-3.5 vs Indiana

Joey also gave out the following on his podcast this week:
Virginia+8, Penn State-5, Alabama-14.5, Purdue+7, Cincinnati-4, Michigan State+6, Virginia Tech+3