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2018-19 Bowl Season: #BowlMania picks ATS w/ Phil Steele!

Here are the ATS picks on the bowl games which I’ve collected from his appearances on Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian as well as the Campus Conversation podcast today.

Date Pick
12/20/18 Marshall  -2.5 vs South Florida
12/18/18 Alabama-Birmingham  -2.5 vs Northern Illinois
12/15/18 MTSU + 7 vs Appalachian State
12/15/18 Arizona State + 4.5 vs Fresno State
12/15/18 Eastern Michigan + 3 vs Georgia Southern
12/15/18 North Texas + 8 vs Utah State

Week 14 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele!

It is time to get week 14 started around here, and we are starting things off with Phil Steele’s picks via the Behind the Bets podcast with Doug Keziriain.  His three official plays were Memphis, Ohio St and Texas, but he said he likes Alabama by more than two touchdowns when prompted by Doug.  Doug said he kinda likes Clemson and the Bama/Georgia over this week but hasn’t decided on his official play(s).

Date Pick
12/1/18 Alabama  -13 vs Georgia
12/1/18 Memphis + 3.5 vs Central Florida
12/1/18 Ohio State  -14 vs Northwestern
12/1/18 Texas + 8 vs Oklahoma

The following picks are added from his Phil Steele Plus preview for week 14, including two of those in-demand FCS picks!

Date Pick
12/1/18 Alabama-Birmingham + 1 vs MTSU
12/1/18 Kennesaw State  -7.5 vs Wofford
12/1/18 Alcorn State  0 vs Southern

The following picks have been added via the Campus Conversation podcast which dropped Thursday.

Date Pick
12/1/18 Boise State  -2.5 vs Fresno State
11/30/18 Washington  -5 vs Utah

Week 13 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele (and Doug Kezirian)!

Week 13 rolls along with Phil Steele’s picks via the Behind the Bets podcast with Doug Kezirian.  His five official picks were BYU, Texas A&M, TCU, Memphis and Virginia.  He explicitly agreed with Doug Kezirian about Michigan, Notre Dame, Miss State, and then said his computer projects the WVU/OU total around 92 so he likes the over.  I’m counting them all for the record.

As always I will be updating with any other picks Phil gives out on podcasts, radio shows, Phil Steele Plus preview, or anywhere else I find him.

Phil Steele on Behind the Bets:

Date Pick
11/24/18 BYU + 13.5 vs Utah
11/24/18 Texas A&M  -2.5 vs LSU
11/24/18 Michigan  -4 vs Ohio State
11/24/18 Notre Dame  -10.5 vs Southern California
11/24/18 TCU + 5 vs Oklahoma State
11/23/18 Memphis  -7 vs Houston
11/23/18 West Virginia vs Oklahoma Over 83.5
11/23/18 Virginia  -3.5 vs Virginia Tech
11/22/18 Mississippi State  -10.5 vs Mississippi

Doug Kezirian talked some games and said he’s definitely giving out Mississippi State-10.5 in the Egg bowl, but is deciding on his other official picks.  He said he likes Notre Dame-10.5, Michigan-4, and Kentucky but didn’t give a line.

The following two picks have been added from this week’s Campus Conversation podcast:

Date Pick
11/24/18 Boston College  -7 vs Syracuse
11/23/18 Central Florida  -14 vs South Florida

The following two picks have been added from his Phil Steele Plus week 13 preview.

Date Pick
11/24/18 Georgia Southern  -10.5 vs Georgia State
11/24/18 Nicholls State  -14 vs San Diego