Week 4 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Stanford Steve & Chris Fallica!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The biggest names on ESPN and celebrity superstars known as Stanford Steve and Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica have put out their podcast of weekly picks.  They gave some leans which may not have been official so definitely listen to the podcast before you invest in these picks.

Stanford Steve gave out two picks near the end of the podcast but they didn’t sound official:

Michigan State-4.5 vs Indiana
Baylor-8 vs Kansas

Chris Fallica’s Picks:

Date Pick
9/22/18 Eastern Michigan+11 vs San Diego State
9/22/18 Louisiana Tech+21 vs LSU
9/22/18 Louisiana-Monroe+6.5 vs Troy
9/21/18 Southern California-3.5 vs Washington State

Stanford Steve’s Picks:

Date Pick
9/22/18 Oregon State+6.5 vs Arizona
9/22/18 Maryland-3 vs Minnesota
9/22/18 South Carolina-2 vs Vanderbilt
9/22/18 Oregon+2 vs Stanford
9/22/18 TCU-3 vs Texas


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