Week 8 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Stanford Steve & The Bear Chris Fallica!

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting all week for.  You need a little folding money in your pocket so its time to get those picks from Stanford Steve and the Bear Chris Fallica.  I’ve got Stanford Steve’s record at 27-11-1 on the year (70.51%!!!), so he’s basically driving through the streets throwing hundred dollar bills out the window.  All you have to do is reach down and pick them up.  Listen to the whole podcast if you want the full details but here’s the picks.

Chris Fallica:

Date Full.Pick
10/20/18 Oregon State + 7 vs California
10/20/18 Temple  -3 vs Cincinnati
10/20/18 Mississippi State + 6.5 vs LSU
10/20/18 Nevada + 3 vs Hawaii
10/20/18 Purdue + 13.5 vs Ohio State
10/20/18 Tulsa + 7 vs Arkansas
10/18/18 Arizona State + 2.5 vs Stanford

Stanford Steve Coughlin:

Date Full.Pick
10/20/18 Auburn  -3.5 vs Mississippi
10/20/18 East Carolina vs Central Florida Over 66
10/20/18 Temple  -3 vs Cincinnati
10/20/18 Nebraska  -3.5 vs Minnesota
10/20/18 Nebraska vs Minnesota Over 56