Week 1 2019: #CFB Picks w/ Stanford Steve and the Bear Chris Fallica!

Stanford Steve and the Bear put out their week 1 podcast with means all your favorite gambling coverage for this week.  Stanford Steve’s Wake Forest/Utah State over 59.5 was in the Big Mike Happy Recap at the end of the podcast, but I’m not sure if it was official because he kind of threw it on there at the last second.  I will grade his picks against his ESPN Chalk column for official records as always.

Also, the Bear gave out Nevada+10.5 on Daily Wager earlier this week, so that pick cannot be found in the podcast.

Bear’s Bank for week 1:

Listen to the full thing for all the juicy details and extra leans.

Stanford Steve:

Date Pick
8/30/19 Wake Forest  -3.5 vs Utah State
8/30/19 Wake Forest vs Utah State Over 59.5
8/31/19 Ohio State vs Florida Atlantic Over 63.5
8/31/19 Northwestern + 6.5 vs Stanford
8/31/19 Kentucky vs Toledo Under 61.5
8/31/19 Boston College + 5 vs Virginia Tech

Chris Fallica:

Date Pick
8/29/19 BYU + 6.5 vs Utah
8/30/19 Nevada + 10.5 vs Purdue
8/30/19 Wake Forest  -3.5 vs Utah State
8/31/19 Coastal Carolina + 6.5 vs Eastern Michigan
8/31/19 Georgia Southern + 27.5 vs LSU
8/31/19 Liberty + 18 vs Syracuse

4 responses

  1. Hey Cole, did you happen to see who the bear took for his moneyline parlay for this weekend? I cannot find it anywhere!

    1. He gave it out on Twitter because he was in the car during the podcast.

      This is what he Tweeted out on Aug. 28:
      As promised, ML parlay of the week. Based on current price at DraftKings: 12-teamer at -117
      Arizona State -2500
      Army -2500
      Michigan St -2000
      Ohio State -5000
      Illinois -1115
      Washington -2000
      Tennessee -3335
      Georgia -1250
      Missouri -1250
      Iowa -2500
      Oklahoma -2000
      Notre Dame -1430

      1. Also, does this come straight from the chalk (the column) they talk about or do you just listen to the podcast and come up with what they have? I dont have an espn subscription and there were some games on here that I didnt hear in the podcast so I was wondering if they just add games to their column that I wouldn’t know about?

      2. I’ll explain it as best as I can.

        Stanford Steve gives out picks on the podcast and I post those picks. However he has made it extremely clear his official picks are in the ESPN Chalk column and those are his only official picks. His ESPN Chalk picks are virtually identical to his podcast, but if there is ever a slight difference just know I’m grading his ESPN Chalk picks.

        Now for the Bear. He gives out picks on the podcast, ESPN Chalk, Bear’s Bank on GameDay, Dari & Mel Saturday morning, Sportscenter Saturday morning, and now Daily Wager. It’s mostly the same picks all week but I count them all if he gives anything extra anywhere. He doesn’t clarify what is or isn’t an official pick, so if he gives out a clear pick I count it.

        Just a reminder I don’t post their ESPN Chalk picks because ESPN would probably shut me down for giving out their paid content. I grade the ESPN Chalk picks, but don’t post them unless they share the picks elsewhere. It is possible there might be games on ESPN Chalk you didn’t see, but also check all those other shows too. Daily Wager is great if you haven’t seen it.


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