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2016-17 Bowl Season results!

After some extended work grading bowl picks I am pleased to provide you with the 2016-17 Bowl Season results for our expert pickers and prognosticators!  I am very excited to report that Mark Schlabach has come out of nowhere to win this season’s bowl mania with a nice record of 29-12 (no pick on the championship game).  Below you will see the full record of results with the major competitors listed at the top and everyone else with a few random picks listed below.

Mark Schlabach: 29-12
Phil Steele: 27-15 (Bowl Mania record), 28-16 including FCS, 20-27-1 ATS
Bruce Feldman: 26-15 straight up, 18-18-1 ATS
Pat Forde: 25-16 straight up, 1-1 ATS
Joey Galloway: 25-17
Danny Kanell: 25-17
@GamedayJen: 24-17
@GamedayCole: 23-19
Ryen Russillo: 23-19
Todd McShay: 22-20

Skip Bayless: 3-0
Mike Greenberg: 3-0
Tom Luginbill: 3-0
Trevor Matich: 2-0
Rece Davis: 1-0
Rod Gilmore: 1-0
Matt Leinart: 1-0
Jesse Palmer: 1-0
Samantha Ponder: 1-0
Jordan Rodgers: 1-0
Stephen A. Smith: 1-0
Steve Spurrier: 1-0
Chris Fallica: 8-2 straight up, 14-5-1 ATS
Booger McFarland: 7-1
Andrea Adelson: 7-2
Charles Arbuckle: 6-2
David Pollack: 6-2
Dusty Dvoracek: 8-4 straight up, 0-2 ATS
Rufus Peabody: 15-9 ATS
Tim Cowlishaw: 6-3 straight up, 6-8 ATS
Kirk Herbstreit: 5-2
Dari Nowkhah: 5-3 straight up, 2-0 ATS
Desmond Howard: 6-4
Mack Brown: 4-2
Chris Doering: 4-2
Scott Van Pelt: 3-2 ATS, 0-1 straight up
Mike Bellotti: 2-1
Brock Huard: 2-1
Joel Klatt: 2-1
Ryan McGee: 2-1
Marcus Spears: 2-1
Mike Golic: 2-1 straight up, 1-0 ATS
Dan Wetzel: 2-1 straight up, 1-1 ATS
Ed Cunningham: 8-8
Greg McElroy: 4-5
Stanford Steve: 4-6 straight up, 10-14 ATS
Pual Finebaum: 2-3
Lee Corso: 2-4
Mark May: 3-5
Colin Cowherd: 1-1 straight up, 1-1 ATS
Mel Kiper Jr. 1-1 ATS
Ivan Maisel: 1-2
Brett McMurphy: 1-2
Tim Tebow: 1-2
Heather Dinich: 1-6
JA Adande: 0-1
Kevin Carter: 0-1

2016-17 #CFBPlayoff Championship pick big board megapost! #BowlMania #Bama #Clemson

Well we’ve got one game left in this season, and I have to wonder where the season went.  Seems like yesterday we were kicking off the season knowing this would be Tennessee’s year (again), or Leonard Fournette’s Heisman to lose (again), and it was surely [insert your team]’s year to make a big splash.  But many months later we sit here and look at this remaining game on the schedule and see a rematch from last year.  No complaints from me with this matchup of course, so let’s get on with it.  It is time for our annual championship big board megapost, and we will be updating all the way through kickoff on Monday night so check back for the latest!

Our experts are currently sitting at 25-20 in favor of Alabama over Clemson straight up.  For gamblers, we are at 3-2 in favor of Alabama laying the points.  2 experts are on the under.

Lee Corso: Headgear pick!
Alabama over Clemson

JA Adande: ATH 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Andrea Adelson: 1/9/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Charles Arbuckle: CFB Daily 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

RJ Bell: TheHerdNow Podcast 1/7/2017
Either take Alabama ML or Clemson+ the points! The public is on Clemson ML and Alabama-the points.

Mike Bellotti: CFB Daily 1/4/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Skip Bayless: Undisputed 1/2/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Mack Brown: 1/9/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Kevin Carter: Film Room 1/6/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Stanford Steve Coughlin: 1/6/2017
Clemson over Alabama
Clemson+6.5 vs Alabama

Colin Cowherd: The Herd 1/6/2017
Alabama over Clemson (by 8, on The Herd 1/9/2017)
Alabama-6 vs Clemson
Clemson+6.5 vs Alabama (TheHerdNow podcast 1/7/2016)

Tim Cowlishaw: ATH 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Heather Dinich: 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Dusty Dvoracek: CFB Daily 1/4/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Chris Fallica: 1/6/2017
Clemson over Alabama
Clemson+6.5 vs Alabama

Bruce Feldman: Russillo & Kanell 1/9/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Paul Finebaum: (Champ Drive 1/8/2017)
Alabama over Clemson

Pat Forde: WTF Podcast 12/23
Alabama over Clemson

Joey Galloway: Outback Bowl halftime 1/2/2017
Alabama over Clemson


Mike Golic: M&M 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson
Clemson+6.5 vs Alabama

Mike Greenberg:
Clemson over Ohio St (M&M 1/9/2017)


Kirk Herbstreit:
Clemson over Alabama (Preseason pick!)


Desmond Howard: Champ Drive 1/9/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Brock Huard: 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Jennifer’s Pick:
Clemson over Alabama

Danny Kanell:
Clemson over Alabama (Champ Drive 12/4)
Alabama over Clemson (Outback Bowl halftime 1/2/2017)
Clemson over Alabama (Champ Drive 1/8/2017)

Joel Klatt: Undisputed 1/2/2017
Alabama over Clemson


Matt Leinart: Twitter 12/31
Clemson over Alabama


Tom Luginbill:
Clemson over Alabama (Finebaum 1/5/2017)


Ivan Maisel: 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Mark May:
Alabama over Clemson


Greg McElroy: Finebaum 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Booger McFarland: (Booger & Burns 1/5/2017)
Clemson over Alabama

Ryan McGee: 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Brett McMurphy: 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Todd McShay: 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson
Alabama vs Clemson under 51 (R&K 1/9/2017)

Jesse Palmer: CFB Live 1/9/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Rufus Peabody: Twitter 1/3/2017
No play on either side, predicts it right on the number


David Pollack: Champ Drive 1/9/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Samantha Ponder: Twitter 1/5/2017
Clemson over Alabama


Ryen Russillo: R&K 1/9/2017
Clemson over Alabama

Stephen A. Smith: Gameday 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Marcus Spears: SEC Nation 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Phil Steele: Behind the Bets 1/6/2017
Clemson vs Alabama under 51 (Behind the Bets 1/6/2017)

Tim Tebow: SEC Nation 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Scott Van Pelt: WINNERS 1/5/2017
Alabama over Clemson
Alabama-6.5 vs Clemson


Jonathan Vilma: CFB Live 1/9/2017
Alabama over Clemson

Dan Wetzel: WTF Podcast 12/23
Alabama over Clemson

2016-17 Bowl Season: New Year’s bowl picks! #BowlMania #RoseBowl

Here’s this morning’s picks for the New Year’s (or January 2nd) picks!

Lee Corso:
USC over Penn St (Headgear pick)

Kirk Herbstreit:
Iowa over Florida
Wisconsin over W.Michigan
OU over Auburn

Desmond Howard:
Iowa over Florida
Wisconsin over W.Michigan
OU over Auburn
USC over Penn St

David Pollack:
Iowa over Florida
Wisconsin over W.Michigan
Auburn over OU
USC over Penn St