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2013-14 Season Awards!

Yeah so it is a little bit delayed, but here are the awards for our 2013-14 season of Cole’s Gameday Blog Football Championship Stuff Edition!!!

2013-14 Bowl Co-Champions:
Phil Steele/Robert Smith (21-14).  It was a down year in the Bowl Pick’em leagues, but our two champs this year include multiple Bowl Pick’em winner Robert Smith, and newcomer (to this blog) Phil Steele.

Best preseason pick of the year: Colin Cowherd, Ole Miss over Texas.  It was supposed to be a bounce-back year for Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns, and nobody was predicting big things for the Ole Miss Rebels.  However, Colin went out on a limb and called this one week before the season started, and was amazingly right!

Best Weeks of the Year:
Colin Cowherd, Week 9 (11-0)
Bubba Watson, Week 5 (10-0)
Jennifer’s Picks, Week 5 (13-1)
Pat Forde, Week 4 (30-3)

Worst Week of the Year:
Robert Smith, Week 8 (0-9)

Best Picks of the Year:
Lou Holtz, Week 1: NDSU over KState
Lou Holtz, Fiest Bowl: UCF over Baylor
Nobody on earth would have picked either of these upsets.  Somehow Lou Holtz picked both.  What does this mean?  I don’t know, but it is impressive.

Upset Specialists:
Jennifer’s upset specials: 10-5, 66.67%
Mark Schlabach: 7-5, 58.33%
Todd McShay: 8-10, 44.44%
Brad Edwards: 6-8, 42.86%
Lee Corso: 2-3, 40%
Kirk Herbstreit: 1-4, 20%

2013-14 Cole’s Gameday Blog SEASON CHAMPION!!!
Pat Forde: 301-95, 76.01%
This year’s champion, Pat Forde, is unusual in the sense that not only did he finish with the strongest record amongst our competitors, but he also had the most picks of anyone this year.  I would say that is strong to quite strong.  The full slate of results is below, but let’s take a minute to congratulate Pat Forde for a historic season.

The first section is our true competitors this season, and the second section are those who didn’t have enough picks to qualify for the yearly awards.

Pat Forde: 301-95, 76.01%
Phil Steele: 102-36, 73.91%
Colin Cowherd: 115-43, 72.78%
Desmond Howard: 71-30, 70.30%
Jennifer’s Picks: 149-63, 70.28%
Mel Kiper Jr.: 54-27, 66.67%
Lee Corso: 128-50, 66.07%
Mike Bellotti: 26-14, 65.00%
Mark May: 46-25, 64.79%
Kirk Herbstreit: 114-63, 64.41%
Dari Nowkhah: 117-66, 63.93%
Jason Sehorn: 72-43, 62.61%
Brad Edwards: 31-19, 62.00%
Celebrity Guests: 95-60, 61.29%
Todd McShay: 65-44, 59.63%
David Pollack: 32-22, 59.26%
Mark Schlabach: 31-24, 56.36%
Robert Smith: 70-55, 56.00%
Lou Holtz: 38-31, 55.07%

Tim Cowlishaw: 3-0, 100.00%
Tim Tebow: 1-0, 100.00%
Kevin Blackistone: 1-0, 100.00%
Charles Arbuckle: 26-5, 83.87%
Ivan Maisel: 16-5, 76.19%
Chris Fowler: 12-4, 75.00%
Trevor Matich: 29-10, 74.36%
Tom Luginbill: 24-10, 70.59%
Paul Finebaum: 15-7, 68.18%
Bill Plaschke: 4-2, 66.67%
Matt Millen: 5-3, 62.50%
Ryen Russillo: 23-14, 62.16%
Danny Kanell: 12-8, 60.00%
Joey Galloway: 3-2, 60.00%
Andre Ware: 3-2, 60.00^
Jesse Palmer: 14-10, 58.33%
Skip Bayless: 9-7, 56.25%
Brian Griese: 21-18, 53.85%
Ed Cunningham: 18-17, 51.43%
Chris Fallia: 11-11, 50.00%
Kevin Carter: 4-4, 50.00%
Scott Van Pelt: 3-3, 50.00%
Woody Paige: 2-2, 50.00%
JA Adande: 1-1, 50.00%
Mike Golic: 1-1, 50.00%
Stephen A. Smith: 1-1, 50.00%
Matt Stinchcomb: 7-8, 46.67%
Brock Huard: 2-3, 40.00%
Jackie MacMullen: 0-1, 0.00%
Mike Greenberg: 0-2, 0.00%
Rod Gilmore: 0-4, 0.00%

2012-13 Yearly results & Champion!

It is a bittersweet day around here at the Gameday blog.  The results for the season are in, and that means that we crown a new champion as we put the season to bed.  I found it interesting that both last year’s bowl champion (Tony Reali) and last year’s season champion (Jesse Palmer) both were not in the competition.  Tony Reali had no picks this year, and Jesse Palmer only had ten picks (going 7-3 overall).  This year, Ryen Russillo was on top of the leaderboard going 18-5 (78.26%) but 23 picks is not enough to be a champion around here.  Therefore, I am proud to bring you this year’s grand champion: Tom Luginbill at 58-17 (77.33%).  We had a handful of experts going into bowl season who were within reach of the coveted 80% barrier for the season.  Big names including Tom Luginbill, Lou Holtz, Pat Forde, Mike Bellotti, Colin Cowherd and so on.  Pat Forde had been on a tear this year sitting at 75.84%, but tanked the bowl season going 18-17.  Lou Holtz was at 75% even, but only picked two bowl games and got them wrong.  Cowherd and Bellotti both had a shot, but average finishes weren’t enough to boost them over the top.  Tom Luginbill was at exactly 80% headed into bowl season, but a 6-4 finish dropped him a few points which was still good enough for the gold.  Below you will find the full slate of results for the year, with the minor experts listed below (those who only picked a few games).

Tom Luginbill: Gameday Champion

Tom Luginbill: Gameday Champion

Our rookie of the year has to be Dari Nowkhah coming in at 72.6% in his first season here.  He took on the hosting duties on the new ESPN show College Football Daily, which is the spiritual successor to the greatly missed “Palmer & Pollack”, and he did pretty well.  Mark Schlabach did nicely this year at 64.41%, which was good enough to bring him up from last place in the all-time rankings (now taken on by Mike Greenberg after a disastrous bowl season).  Celebrity guests on Gameday did pretty crappy, so let us shame them at 55.65%.  Brian Griese is our anti-rookie of the year at 57.45%.  Last but not least, I really do have to give props to Lou Holtz.  In years past he has picked Notre Dame to win virtually every game they play, and this year he went bananas at 72.58% right.  I would have loved to have seen how smug he would have been if ND won the championship, but oh well.  I’m sure he’ll be back next year to pick them every game.

Thanks for reading; its been a great season.  Check back next August when things get going again.  Who knows, maybe this offseason I’ll write some bonus material here too.

Ryen Russillo: 18-5, 78.26%
Tom Luginbill: 58-17, 77.33%
Matt Stinchcomb: 12-4, 75%
Pat Forde: 310-110, 73.81%
Ed Cunningham: 8-3, 72.73%
Dari Nowkhah: 106-40, 72.60%
Lou Holtz: 45-17, 72.58%
Mike Bellotti: 65-25, 72.22%
Lee Corso: 128-50, 71.91%
Colin Cowherd: 99-39, 71.74%
Woody Paige: 5-2, 71.43%
Trevor Matich: 70.65%
Christian Fauria: 84-36, 70%
Jesse Palmer: 7-3, 70%
Kirk Herbstreit: 125-54, 69.83%
Mel Kiper Jr.: 30-14, 68.18%
Charles Arbuckle: 41-20, 67.21%
Brad Edwards: 42-21, 66.67%
Kevin Carter: 10-5, 66.67%
Matt Millen: 4-2, 66.67%
Jason Sehorn: 49-25, 66.22%
Jennifer’s Picks: 144-74, 66.06%
Mark Schlabach: 38-19, 64.41%
Desmond Howard: 92-52, 63.89%
Robert Smith: 97-56, 63.40%
David Pollack: 69-40, 63.30%
Mike Golic: 24-14, 63.16%
Dan Hawkins: 15-9, 62.5%
Danny Kanell: 23-15, 60.53%
Todd McShay: 52-35, 59.77%
Mark May: 46-32, 58.97%
Brian Griese: 27-20, 57.45%
Celebrity Guests: 69-55, 55.65%
Tim Cowlishaw: 5-4, 55.56%
Ivan Maisel: 3-3, 50%
Skip Bayless: 5-7, 41.67%
Chris Fowler: 2-3, 40%
Mike Greenberg: 13-22, 37.14%
Andre Ware: 1-3, 25%

Scott Van Pelt: 5-0, 100%
JA Adande: 3-0, 100%
Bob Ryan: 3-0, 100%
Kevin Blackistone: 2-0, 100%
Samantha Steele: 1-0, 100%
Jackie MacMullan: 1-0, 100%
Michael Smith: 4-1, 80%
Brock Huard: 3-1, 75%
Bill Plaschke: 0-1, 0%

2011-12 Season Wrap-up

Its been a fantastic season here at Cole’s Gameday Blog.  The boys down in the lab have been working overtime running the numbers and the results are in.  Your 2011-2012 Gameday blog champion is Jesse Palmer coming in at 83.7% correct picks on the year with a record of 36-7.  Congratulations to Jesse Palmer.  Below is one shot from the photo-shoot where we awarded him his College Gameday championship belt.

Jesse Palmer: Gameday Champion

In addition, we would like to hand out a few post-season awards to noteworthy members of the college football community.

The Dirk Nowitzki of Defensive Ends: Bjorn Werner.  Brent Musberger labeled Werner this in Week 3.  I’m still not sure what it means, but he sure as hell deserves this award.

Coach Who Didn’t Give a Crap the Most: Dabo Swinney.  He said it regarding Auburn’s pace of play, but pretty much the whole season he didn’t give a crap, and led Clemson to its best year in decades.

Best Name of the Year: Munchie Legeaux, Quarterback from Cincinatti.  Self explanatory.

Most Italian Name in College Football: Tino Sunseri, Quarterback from Pitt.  Following in his father’s footsteps (Sal Sunseri).

Best Andre 3000 Look-alike: Robert Griffin III.  This only came into play near the very end of the year, but some of us at Cole’s Gameday Blog have been saying it from the beginning.

The Joe Avezzano Award (coordinator who gets 300% more TV time than his head coach): Phil Bennett.  Brother of our highschool’s football coach, Jim Bennett, Phil could be seen roughly 20 feet out in front of Art Briles on the field any time there was a cut to the sideline during a Baylor game.  Typically he was wearing a bright yellow shirt, while his coach stood in the background unassumingly.

Worst football year for a state: Florida.  Lol.

Thanks for tuning in.  We’ll be updating the site occasionally during the offseason, but starting next fall we will be back in full swing.