2020-21 NFL Season: Super Bowl picks from Daily Wager!

Updates from Super Bowl Sunday morning:

Updates for the week leading up to the Super Bowl:

I’ll be putting up a bigger post closer to the actual Super Bowl, but I thought I’d throw out some Daily Wager picks for you in case you’re desperate to get down on the game sooner than later. Here’s all the picks I jotted down from Daily Wager this week, and I expect there will be plenty more next week.

Doug Kezirian:
Mahomes over 39.5 yards longest completion

Stanford Steve:
Tampa Bay+3 vs Kansas City (+100)
Chris Godwin over 5.5 receptions

Chris Fallica:
Kansas City-3 vs Tampa Bay (-120)

Anita Marks:
Tyreek Hill over 7 receptions
Brady under 295.5 pass yards
Fournette over 43.5 rush yards
Tails on the coin toss (-101)
KC to receive opening kick (-130)
KC to score first (-130)
KC first scoring play: Pass TD (-150)

Joe Fortenbaugh:
Mahomes over 40.5 pass attempts (-120)

Tyler Fulgham:
Travis Kelce over 97.5 receiving yards (-115)

Hammerin Hank Goldberg:
Kansas City-3 vs Tampa Bay
1st half over 27.5

Preston Johnson:
Tails on the coin flip*

*This is not a serious bet

2020-21 NFL Conference Championship picks!

Here’s some random NFL picks I jotted down this week for the NFL Conference Championship round of the Playoffs. I don’t plan on tracking or grading these but I’m putting them out here for your enjoyment.

Colin Cowherd: The Herd
Kansas City over Buffalo 28-23
Green Bay over Tampa Bay 33-26

Rufus Peabody: Bet the Process
Buffalo+3 vs KC

Jeff Ma: TK Show
Chiefs-3 vs Bills

Doug Kezirian: Daily Wager
Packers+210 to be highest scoring team Sunday
Packers-3 vs Bucs
Tom Brady under 37.5 pass attempts (-115) (best bet)

Stanford Steve: Daily Wager
Packers-3.5 vs Bucs (-105)
Bills+3 vs Chiefs (EV)
Cameron Brate over 2.5 receptions

Anita Marks: Daily Wager
Josh Allen over 34.5 rush yards (-120)
Packers-.5 1Q, Packers-2.5 1H
Bills+3.5 vs Chiefs (-120)
Tom Brady under 288.5 pass yards (-115)
Mike Evans over 4.5 receptions (-125)
Cameron Brate over 2.5 receptions (-145)
Fournette over 45.5 rush yards (-115)
Scotty Miller over 1.5 receptions (-170) (best bet)

Joe Fortenbaugh: Daily Wager/Bet on Youtube
Chiefs+175 to be highest scoring team Sunday
Tampa Bay/Green May under 51.5
Green Bay-3 vs Tampa Bay
KC-3 vs Buffalo (-115)
Buffalo/KC under 54

Tyler Fulgham: Daily Wager/Bet on Youtube
Buffalo+330 to be highest scoring team Sunday
Mahomes over 314.5 pass yards (-115)
Tampa Bay/Green Bay under 51.5
Buffalo+3 vs KC (-105)
Rodgers over 2.5 pass TD (+140)
Mahomes over 310.5 pass yards (-115)
TB/GB under 53 (best bet)

Preston Johnson: Daily Wager
Packers+210 to be highest scoring team Sunday

Hammerin Hank Goldberg: Daily Wager
Packers-3.5 vs Buccaneers
Chiefs-3 vs Bills

Clay Travis: from Fox Bet Live
Packers/Chiefs ML parlay+155
Travis Kelce to score a TD on Sunday-125

Todd Fuhrman: from Fox Bet Live
Packers over 14 1st Half

Phil Steele: from the Phil Steele Plus tour on Youtube
Green Bay has “a great situation edge”, whatever that means

Week 15 2020: Sunday morning NFL picks!

Here’s some assorted NFL picks I jotted down this week. As a reminder, I have no plans to track or grade these picks so they are presented entirely for your entertainment.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazing Five:
Broncos+6 vs Bills
Dolphins-1.5 vs Patriots
Football+6.5 vs Seahawks
Cardinals-6.5 vs Eagles
Saints+3.5 vs Chiefs

Rufus Peabody:
Patriots+2 vs Dolphins
Texans+7 vs Colts
Raiders-3 vs Chargers
Cardinals-5.5 vs Eagles
Packers-8.5 vs Panthers

Jeff Ma: from the Tony Kornheiser Show
Patriots+2 vs Dolphins
Texans+7.5 vs Colts
Football+6 vs Seahawks
Saints+3.5 vs Chiefs
Vikings-3 vs Bears

Doug Kezirian:
Chargers+3.5 vs Raiders
Bills-5 vs Broncos

Joe Fortenbaugh:
Chargers+3.5 vs Raiders
Seahawks-6.5 vs Football
Broncos+5 vs Bills
Panthers+8 vs Packers

Clay Travis:
Bills-6 vs Broncos
Jaguars+13 vs Ravens
Dolphins-1.5 vs Patriots
Titans-10.5 vs Lions
Seahawks vs Football under 45
Steelers-12.5 vs Bengals

Preston Johnson:
Bills-5 vs Broncos

Hammering Hank Goldberg:
Vikings-3 vs Bears
Seahawks-5.5 vs Football
Saints+3 vs Chiefs

Todd Fuhrman:
Cardinals-6 vs Eagles
Saints+3 vs Chiefs
Broncos+6 vs Bills
Panthers vs Packers Over 51.5